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tv   FOX 29 News at 11  FOX  January 3, 2017 3:30am-4:00am EST

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business. on the 6200 block of north front street. the pair is seen on video trying to break open cash drawers. at one point one of them looked straight into the camera. unable to break open the registers, they just take them. the video does not show an employee walking in on the burglars, rummaging through the office >> she told them what they were doing, they looked at her. he just said, yo, they ran out, and they just ran into a car and took off >> it's sad the way people is. you don't have a job get out
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there and make a living and get a job. you don't have to rob nobody. >> reporter: the latest incident won't stop them from coming to the family owned franchise. workers hope they don't become a target again >> it's pretty overing, but at the end of the day we still got to come and work. >> reporter: this is the second time in recent months this same store has been arcticed by criminals. back in augusting, an employee was held up at gunpoint but her 7-year-old daughter happened to be there at the time. she screamed for help. and saved the day. if you know anyone in this most recent incident, northwest detectives would like to hear from you. iain? >> thank you. on your radar tonight, the rain has moved out of our area. we're not quite in the clear. a live look at wilmington delaware's fog starting to move in. and in a couple days, we could be getting first taste of winter weather. what?
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kathy orr is here >> say that five times fast. we have areas of fog out there tonight and some patchy drizzle. another round of rain is coming our way. then much colder around here. there's been a lot of buzz on the internet and social media about snow, we'll address that as well. take a look behind me, ultimate doppler shows rain and potential severe weather in the deep south, moving toward the pan handle of florida and georgia, temperatures pretty mild around here. in philadelphia 41, 31 in the poconos, trenton 40. wrightstown 42. reduced visibility in the poconos only half mile there. reading and lancaster two and a half miles visibility. if you're in the northwest sections of our viewing area, please be aware of the fog overnight. here's the storm. area of low pressure it is centered over western tennessee moving swiftly toward the northeast. it will be in western pa by tomorrow morning into the afternoon. spreading more rain into the delaware valley. as we time it out. the clouds continue to thicken,
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the rain moves in by about 7:00, 8:00 right in time for the morning rush. lunchtime may be good day to order in. get delivery, that rain will be here then we slowly dry it out. wednesday will be a day where we'll have clearing skies. but temperatures will definitely be falling and a cool change will be on tap. overnight tonight, no big deal, we will have areas of fog, 42 in the city, 37 in the suburbs, during the day, high 49. morning fog and periods of rain again, but at least it's mild. then we have to watch two different weather systems, timing may be off for this but we're going to keep an eye on this. by thursday into friday, this dot is an area of low pressure coming very close to the coast. that is a chance for snow and then saturday night another system off the midatlantic could come close enough to bring some
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areas a few snow showers, it's a long range commuter model: take a look at your seven-day forecast. tuesday, you have the rain, wednesday, partly sunny but falling temperatures, thursday cold. friday, chance of a few snow showers. especially southeast. and look at saturday. partly sunny. sunday coldest morning undoubtedly will be next monday in the city 18, in the suburbs colder. feeling like winter >> january, i guess, thanks, i know, as we take a live look at reading, you can track in real time, download our fox 29 weather authority ap. it's free and available on apple and google play stores. happening. to neighbors are laughing their they're worried, they're looking out foreman they say is driving around in a jeep and chasing
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people. that's just the beginning. in two separate incidents police say the suspect wasn't wearing clothes. shawnette wilson joins us more with more on this strange story. >> reporter: in both cases the suspect is described appeal, heavyset with excessive body hair and ran toward two of his victims. >> little bit nervous to go outside. >> reporter: he described the suspicious vehicle, his 14-year-old daughter and her friends saw while walking in their evesham neighborhood >> the only reason she took notice it was a cold day and the gentleman driving the car had no shirt >> but it wasn't just the shirt the man was missing when he got out of the driver's side of the jeep >> he jumped out of the car and had no clothes, their first instinct was to run. >> reporter: it happened on friday on westly drive. girls told police the man ran toward them
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>> it was surreal, nothing seems to happen here. it took watching my daughter being interviewed by the police for it to sink in. >> reporter: a woman reported a similar incident there involving a man fitting the same description and car december 21st. the woman told police she was walking on huntington circle drive when the man got out of the jeep wearing only tennis shoes >> this is the first time anything has ever happened like this in this area. it's shocking. >> reporter: and police say the suspect was driving a black jeep. it may have a white sticker on the rear left window. iain >> thanks. we're finally breaks news out of montgomery county right now. this along the 9200 block in springfield township. that's where dispatchers are telling us someone was hit by a car. officials tell us the medics took one person to a local hospital. would know their condition, we will bring updates to you. >> nine people.
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seven of us were shot. >> re. a local survivor of the istanbul night club attacks just arrived back home tonight. jake rock of greenville delaware was inside that club when a man walked in and started shooting. officials at philadelphia international airport confirmed that raak landed a few hours ago. celebrating his birthday on new years eve when that gunman opened fire. raak was shot in the leg but says his cell phone stopped the bullet. isis is claiming responsibility for the terror attack that killed 39 people. raak spoke to reporters just before he got on a plane to philly. >> i would love to come back when it's a little safer. it's a good country. the people are very good. and as i said it's unfortunate. >> a statement from isis says the istanbul club was chosen because it's where quote christians were celebrating their pay gan feast. the shooter has not been arrested but turkish authorities
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say they're close to identifying him. an army serviceman was beating up after leaving the mummer's day parade. we told you about this before christmas. 19-year-old austin's mom said austin needs his broken jaw wider shut about eight weeks after being beaten by several men at 3rd and/or began at south philly. it started with nearly a dozen many between 18 and 20 ripping austin for wearing his army jacket. one person punched him while he was on the phone and she and austin's girlfriend tried to intervene they were also punched >> how anyone can put down the military is just -- makes no sense to me. these guys give up their lives for our freedom. i'm dumbfounded >> they remember this heart warming home coming before christmas made possible thanks
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to a stranger who covered his air fair to fly home. his mom couldn't afford the airfare, austin will likely miss heidi employment. these. these men robbed a port richmond on the 2200 block. the pair threatened a teller at gunpoint and got away with cash. authorities believe they're connected to a rash of bank robberies month >> 2017 comes with new taxes. what's going to cost you more and how bad it will hit your wallet. in bucks county, police were on the hunt whoever was behind the wheel of this truck. what happened that has investigators wanting to talk to the driver. >> may not have been just an iceberg that brought down the titanic. a group studying photographs of the ship said marks along the hull are likely caused to an on
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authorities have been looking for him a couple of weeks since his estranged wife tara owe shay watson was killed december 18th. a witness tipped off state police. he was found in a wooded area off route 322. now facing murder and other charges. police in bensalem identified a truck they say is connected to a hit-and-run on new year's day. someone driving this chevrolet pickup drove away after hitting a bicyclist. the bicyclist is in serious condition, bensalem police would
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love to hear from anyone that may have information. scary moments for bandage handler he gets locked inside a cargo hold during a flight. it spent the flight in shooter to north virginia stuck yesterday afternoon. at some point, authorities learned he was in there. rescue crews arrived at the plane outside of dc. appears to be ok and refused medical treatment. it's unclear how the bandage handler got stuck. tomorrow at noon, new members will mark a new era with a republican majority in the house and senate as well as republican president. come january 20th. among the agenda items for this republican 115th congress over turn, the affordable care act or obamacare. this new year brings the usual array of fees, taxes and toll hikes. bruce gordon says the increases are small, pennies a day but they quickly add up.
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>> reporter: if december represents the season of giving. what do you call january when all kinds of new fees taxes and tolls takes effect? does it anger you when you see these things going up >> yes, but it's the world we live in >> i don't think taxes are bad. they shall necessary and i think that if you don't get them somewhere, you have to get them somewhere else. >> reporter: here's where they're getting them. sugary drink taxings picked in penny and a half per ounce passed along to consumerers >> i need my mountain due. >> you pay what you have to pay. that's an extra 500 bucks a year. is your mountain due worth it >> no, time to quit >> there's your comcast cable bill rose by 4% january 1st, an
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extra $6 a month for the average customer. you say you get direct tv, their rates go up by a similar amount later this month. >> got a car? do much driving? then pennsylvania's 8 cents a gallon height will slam on your brakes at 15,000 miles a year 25 miles to a gallon you'll pay an extra $4 a month. if the pa turnpike is part of your daily community. mark january 8th. that's when tolls rise. you commute between the mid county exchange and the bensalem exit. prepared to shell out nearly 6 bucks extra. some constant tax hikes are nothing less than war fare >> everybody just does he think skimmed off a little bit, everybody on the bottom could have more >> you don't see that happening, no way. >> these increases are fairly minor when taken alone.
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literally pennies but boy do they didn't add up. based on one 12 ounce can of soda, $66 a year. cable bill for the average consumer ads up to $72 a year extra. your gas tax, based on our example, $48 extra per year and finally those turnpike tolls 70 bucks extra based on our example. add it all up, yep, $256 a year spent in 2017 that you weren't spending in 2016. happy new year. i'm bruce gordon, fox 29 news. you see it and you shoot it. our users are showing what's happening. fire investigator as looking into how this home in prospect park caught fire. the video shows us the home on the 700 block of 14th avenue engulfed in flames. you can see the flames coming from the side. broke out overnight. no word if anyone is hurt.
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tonight about 50 families in philadelphia's feltonville section are without power after a fire ripped through this building, fresco user sent us this video. firefighters say no one was hurt. the fire broke out around 8:30. peco said it's working tonight to restore power. when you see news happening, be sure to take out your phone, shoot it make sure you use the fresco ap to send it to our newsroom. might get paid. there's an up tick in cases of cannabis related syndrome in colorado. recreational use has been legal in three years. one colorado say he's seeing an increase in one syndrome, some doctors believe it owe kers. >> we're seeing people who are smoking marijuana heavily and
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vomiting and we're putting this together and saying it's the mariju say kwan. ads. it's helping those taking it as prescribed. it's only right to recap the season. i'llll
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sean bell recaps the disappointing season. his commentary in 15 seconds. you can haveufc
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eagles ended up right where they should be. i know your fanatics expected more but that's your fault. rookie head coach, quarterback expecting playoffs was crazy. that's what rookies do. all those people calling for doug pederson's job needs to knock it out. in those set of circumstances are great. andy reid the most successful head coach this eagles franchise ever seen went five and 11. this team is headed in the right direction, they do need to make major upgrades take it to the next level. the biggest thing is a get a play maker. i don't care what side of the ball it is. they need one guy that changes
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an entire game. that's what this team lacks, they won't an odell beckham junior, whether he touches the ball on that matter. if that happens, a seven and nine team can turn into a 12 and four team, iain >> thank you. carrie fisher's daughter has a message to fans after the death of her mother and grandmother referring to them by nicknames, billy lord writes referring all your prayers and kind words given me strength during a time i thought strength could not exist. there are no words to express i will miss my one and only mom. your love and support means the world to me. lord is an actress current starring on scream queens. >> we're learning more casting information about harry potter. the late robin williams wanted to play the charactering a hagred because of a british only
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rule from the actors, a kafth director spilled the details in an interview with the huffing ton post. >> interesting >> i love seeing who passed up what >> will smith passed up the matrix >> not a good decision >> exactly. that's a lot of money he passed up. >> rain moves in tomorrow for the morning rush through the noon hour then taper off. not so bad. temperatures tumble wednesday. cold friday maybe few snow showers, weekend turns cold. bundle up get the winter gear. >> it's january. >> it is >> more entertainment news on fox 29 with tmz and dish nation, stay tune for chasing news followed by the simpson, back at
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right now on fox 29 morning news breaking overnight deadly confrontation a father of four shot during a home invasion, and police say may have protect his entire family. and caught on camera a knock out, fight, right in the middle of the street, police arrived to break it up but that was taking a turn who was caught throwing punches. and he survived a deadly inn tan bull nightclub attack and now he is home hear from the delaware man who came face-to-face with terrorist in turkey. and, then a instant classic penn state and u.s.c. battling it out during rose bowl game, and it will all come down to the final minute. good good day it is tuesday january 3rd, 201. thomas


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